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What is Art with Victor

What is Art with Victor

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"So happy to see you and your beauty."

Meredith R.

Many years ago as an artist, I discovered through painting different stylistic nuances that a lifetime of work could be based on.  This is what most artists do.  Artists find a stylistic niche and repeat it over and over, i.e. ninety nine shades of the same color.  The academic art community, both art makers and buyers, operate in this circle of reality.  This is the clever way.  And usually the financially rewarding way.

In the Studio
The Studio

But instead of falling into the trap of repeating myself over and over, which ends up in slick surfaces without substance,  I chose, many years ago, to be honest  especially with myself  in this world of 'Emperor's Clothes'.  I chose 'the path least traveled', never getting stuck or falling into the trap of becoming a 'hollow artist and man'.  It certainly is not a recipe for becoming a rich artist, though. 

There is a stylistic connection to all that I create, but it is not on purpose.  It is natural.  Natural style and true substance.  I am always exploring and discovering through paint, pen, pencil, brushes, and materials.  Every time I face the surface to paint or draw something new, it is like the first time.  No stylistic crutches.  Always a beginner's mind.

I always appreciate feedback.  Please let me know if these words resonate with you.


In the Studio