"Javelinas de Tubac"

presented by The Javelina Project

The downtown area of Tubac and other select areas are filled with javelina sculptures painted by artists from Southern Arizona.  Meet the artists here This is a community art project inspired by similar projects in  Chicago, Santa Fe, and St. Joseph. 

The javelinas are on display from October 26, 2019, through the Spring of 2020.  Many will be auctioned on April 4th.


Victor was chosen as one of the artists and his javelina, Sonny, is located in front of Jane's Attic for the next 5 months. See #31 on the map brochure and map.  

Although the largest herd is hanging out in Tubac, about half a dozen will be checking baggage and getting their pictures taken at the Tucson International Airport. There will even be a few checking out the sites in Green Valley, the Desert Museum, and in Nogales, AZ welcoming visitors to Arizona!  

Learn about the sculpting process and Nick Wilson, the artist/sculptor behind the project at The Javelina Project

Photos courtesy of

The Javelina Project.

Javelinas on the way to their artist(s).


Photo courtesy  of the Tubac Chamber of Commerce.

On March 30th there was a workshop for the artists to learn how to work with their javelina (s).  At an evening reception the artists and sponsors met.  To make this project possible individuals, couples, galleries,  and businesses became sponsors.  Click here and scroll about 1/2 way down the page to see who these wonderful folks are!

Victor is pictured here with his sponsors, Dick and Mary Lou.  Thanks to them he had a javelina to work on.

And now for the fun part!  Pondering what to do and the doing.... 

The left ear early in the project

April, 2019

A peek at Victor and

the finished 'Sonny'

 July 29, 2019 before the public unveiling.

Below are pictures of some of the javelinas from the project taken by Doris Evans. 

(Her photography can be seen on FaceBook at DorisDougEvans.)  

And now, the finished Sonny in his new location in front of Jane's Attic, Burruel Street,

Tubac, AZ...

The eyes have it....

This is project is ponsored by the Tubac Center of the Arts  and the Tubac Chamber of Commerce


The Javelina Project