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"Javelinas de Tubac"

presented by The Javelina Project

Victor with his Javelina

For 5 months, October 2019 through Spring 2020, the downtown area of Tubac and other areas in Southern Arizona were filled with javelina sculptures painted by local artists .  

This community art project was inspired by similar projects in  Chicago, Santa Fe, and St. Joseph.  Victor was chosen as one of the artists.  You can meet all of the artists and see their javelinas here

While shown in Tubac, Victor's javelina, Sonny, was located in front of Jane's Attic.  Many of the javelinas were then auctioned on April 4, 2020, including Sonny, who has now taken up residence in South Dakota!  We hope he finds a herd to run with and stays warm this winter.

The Javelina Collage

Learn about the sculpting process and Nick Wilson, the artist/sculptor behind the project at The Javelina Project

Photos courtesy of

The Javelina Project

Javelinas on the way to their artist(s).


Photo courtesy  of the Tubac Chamber of Commerce.

Javelinas on Parade

To make this project possible individuals, couples, galleries, and businesses became sponsors.  To see who these wonderful folks are, click here!

A workshop was held in March 2019 for the artists to learn how to work with their javelina(s).  At an evening reception, the artists and sponsors met. 

Victor is pictured here with his sponsors, Dick and Mary Lou.  Thanks to them, he had a javelina to work on.

Javelina Sponsors with Victor
4/17/2019 The Beginning

And now for the fun part!  Pondering what to do and the doing.... 

Below are pictures of some of the javelinas from the project.  

(photos taken by and compiled by Doris Evans, whose amazing work can be seen on FaceBook

at 'Doris Evans')  

Finished Javelinas de Tubac

And now, the finished Sonny in front of Jane's Attic, Burruel Street,

Tubac, AZ...


The eyes have it....

"Victor, beautiful. Such colors. Congratulations."

Elizabeth T.

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