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"Victor's work reflects the changing spirituality of the artist himself. His work is a coming together of the spiritual world and the physical world reflected in the natural grace of the primal mind."

Bailey Shane Collier, writer

Join me in celebrating fine art, where each week, a new chapter unfolds, offering you the opportunity to immerse yourself in art that resonates with you. 

VSR in the Studio
Meet the Artist

I attended the Cornish School of Fine Arts in Seattle, WA, USA, which unzipped the outer shell of my family’s traditions and expectations.  I first painted in the Northwest, then the Southeast.  While visiting the Sonoran Desert, I heard the desert call me where I've been painting for many years.  Northwest by Southeast by Southwest; three sensibilities, three different lights, three different environments; all synthesized into what I create for you today.  


Victor's fine art paintings elicit thought- provoking conversations,  telling  vivid new stories every day.  His use of dramatic color provides a focal point for guests to engage in and enjoy.  He is a master at capturing the essence and beauty of his subjects.


Victor's work can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide. Invest in artwork that elevates your home and commercial spaces.

"The Paul Gauguin of the Northwest."

~ Tom Robbins, Author

“[Victor's art is] well-developed and mature.”​

Jason Horejs

Owner of Xanadu Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

"Visionary art for those who can tell the difference."

~ David Roe

"The greatest natural painter I've ever met." 

~ Paul Heald

Seattle Artist

White Wolf
Santa Rita Morning
The Sacrifice
Señora de la Luna
Song of Orion
Victor painting


to my professional Fine Art Painting Portfolio.


     In all aspects of my artwork, one of my defining principles is to establish an open dialogue between form and function. Look through my work to see this in action. I'd like to hear if you think I've accomplished this.   Please email me or call my landline or book a Zoom call with me for more information.  My studio is in Green Valley, AZ, USA.  

Art Resume

To see my full resume as an artist with other shows and publications, please go here.

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