Why Buy Art?
For Example: Painting and/or Limited Edition Prints (Giclées)

When buying a piece of art, investment should always be secondary.  The real and only reason to acquire a piece of art is because something within your soul connects with what you are 

seeing.  To purchase and hang a piece of art on your wall is because there is a craving, a need to have a particular image (original or Giclée) in your life. If the connection between you and the art is real, then you will never tire of or be bored with your acquisition.  Original art is always affordable and is a good investment.  Limited edition Giclée prints (100 or less signed and numbered prints with a Certificate of Authenticity) are also good investments.  Click here for an example of a Certificate of Authenticity (opens as .pdf in separate window).

We have recently become part of ARTMoi to inventory my art.  ARTMoi has developed "a standardized central tracking and cataloging system ... where each artwork is assigned its own globally unique identification number so that all information surrounding a single piece of art can be tracked over time".  The ARTMoi ID number is now written on the back of each piece of art as well as included in each Certificate of Authenticity. This number can then be entered into the ARTMoi ID Search window



Every image (painting) you see on this website is available as a limited edition Giclée.  So far, no one painting has been closed to signed and numbered prints.

Little Joh, 2014, acrylic on canvas, original and Giclée prints available.

Little John, 2014

16" x 20", acrylic on canvas


ORIGINAL Painting Available

Giclée Prints Available

Sunset Canyon, 1994

12" x 9", acrylic on canvas



In the Collection of the Artist

Giclée Prints Available

Sunset Canyon, 1994, acrylic painting on canvas SOLD, Giclée prints available.