"So happy to see you and your beauty."

Meredith R.


Many years ago as an artist, I discovered through painting different stylistic nuances that a lifetime of work could be based on.  This is what most artists do.  Artists find a stylistic niche and repeat it over and over, i.e. ninety nine shades of the same color.  The academic art community, both art makers and buyers, operate in this circle of reality.  This is the clever way.  And usually the financially rewarding way.

But instead of falling into the trap of repeating myself over and over, which ends up in slick surfaces without substance,  I chose, many years ago, to be honest  especially with myself  in this world of the 'Emperors Clothes".  I chose 'the path least traveled', never getting stuck or falling into the trap of becoming a 'hollow artist and man'.  It certainly is not a recipe for becoming a rich artist, though. 

There is a stylistic connection to all that I create, but it is not on purpose.  It is natural.  Natural style and true substance.  I am always exploring and discovering through paint, pen, pencil, brushes, and materials.  Every time I face the surface to paint or draw something new, it is like the first time.  No stylistic crutches.  Always a beginner's mind.

I always appreciate feedback.  Please let me know if these words resonate with you.




This is an ever evolving website, a work in progress.  The Galleries and  My Portfolio show all of my images that are available; some are originals.  If you are interested in purchasing one of my original paintings or drawings, please contact me personally by email or by phone.  We can discuss the price and shipping.

 ALL of my images are available as Giclée prints and come one of two ways.  The first are signed, limited edition Giclée prints.  These are more expensive as they are often purchased as investments because their value will increase over time.  Giclée  prints of this type come with a Certificate of Authenticity that proves I am the artist.  The Certificate will be especially useful to your heirs to prove the authenticity of the artwork.  For more information about this, please go to 'What is a Giclée Print?'  If you find an image that you would like to purchase as a limited edition Giclée print, please contact me directly by email or phone.  Various print sizes are available depending on the size of the original painting.  I am here to personally help you determine the print size that will fit your needs.  


The second type of Giclée print is one that is not part of an edition and is unsigned. While these do not necessarily increase in value over time, they are less expensive to purchase and will be wonderful additions to the aesthetics of your home.  These prints may be purchased directly on this website.  But if you have any questions, please contact me to discuss your needs, the size of your space, etc.  I am here to help!  Unsigned Giclée prints may be purchased as a canvas print, framed print, metal print, and more.  Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee as I want to ensure your happiness with each purchase.  

Giclée prints done on canvas are printed onto a premium canvas and then stretched on a wooden frame of 1.5" x 1.5" stretcher bars (gallery wrap) or 5/8" x 5/8" stretcher bars (museum wrap). Your canvas print will be delivered to you "ready to hang" with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails.

Framed Giclée prints are assembled, packaged, and shipped by expert framing staff and delivered "ready to hang" with pre-attached hanging wire, mounting hooks, and nails.

Why Buy Original Art and/or Limited Edition Prints (Giclées)?

When buying a piece of art, investment should always be secondary.  The real reason and the only reason to acquire a piece of art is because something within your soul connects with what you are seeing.  To purchase and hang a piece of art on your wall is because there is a craving, a need to have a particular image (original or Giclée) in your life. If the connection between you and the art is real, then you will never tire of it or be bored with your acquisition.  Original art is always affordable and is a good investment.  Limited edition Giclée prints (100 or less signed and numbered prints with a Certificate of Authenticity) are also good investments.  Click here for an example of a Certificate of Authenticity (opens as .pdf in separate window).

Two kinds of giclées are available on this website.  Both are made through the same process (see What is a Giclée Print?).  One is available on the Art for Sale page and is simply an unsigned print without a Certificate of Authenticity.  While this kind of giclée is not considered a financial investment, it is an investment in yourself and your surroundings.  The other kind of giclée print is a signed, limited edition giclée print.  The majority of my images will have editions of 100.  A few images have more editions.  Over time this print will increase in value and is considered an investment.  It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  


Every image (painting) you see on this website is available as a limited edition Giclée.  So far, no one painting has been closed to signed and numbered prints.  

"Always a fan of your art." 

Lily T.

What Is A Giclée Print?

A Giclée (zhee-CLAY) print is an individually produced, high-resolution, high-fidelity, high tech reproduction done on a special large format printer. Giclées are produced from digital scans of existing artwork. Giclées create a whole new vibrant medium for art and investment.  

Giclées are superior to traditional lithography in nearly every way. The colors are brighter, last longer, and are so high-resolution that they are virtually 'continuous tone', rather than tiny dots. The range or "gamut" of color for Giclées is far beyond that of lithography, and details are crisper. Each one of Victor’s Giclées is taken one step further by UV coating which insures that as time marches on the print retains its original crisp, clear, clarity of image.

Giclées use inkjet technology, but far more sophisticated than your desktop printer. The process employs six colors--light cyan, cyan, light magenta, magenta, yellow and black (sometimes TWO blacks)--of lightfast (fade resistant,) pigmented inks and finer, more numerous, replaceable print heads resulting in a wider color gamut, and the ability to use various media to print on. The ink is sprayed onto the page, actually mixing the color on the page to create truer shades and hues. Lithography uses tiny dots of four colors--cyan, magenta, yellow and black--to fool the eye into seeing various hues and shades. Colors are "created" by printing different size dots of these four colors.

Giclées can be printed on any number of media, including canvas and watercolor paper. Since giclée printers can use media in rolls, large print sizes are available, limited only by the length and width of the roll. Billboard sizes are possible. Giclées are typically sold by the square inch or square foot.


Giclées are priced midway between original art and regular limited edition lithographs. Limited edition litho prints are usually produced in editions of 500-1000 or more, all at once; but limited edition Giclées rarely exceed 50-100 high-quality reproductions, that are printed one at a time.


Giclées were originally developed as a proofing system for traditional lithographic printing presses, but it soon became apparent that the presses were having a hard time delivering the quality and brilliant color of the Giclée proofs. Giclées evolved into the new darlings of the art world. They are coveted by collectors for their fidelity and quality, and desired by galleries and artists alike because they don't have to be produced in huge quantities with their large layout of capital and storage.  In addition, Giclées are produced directly from a digital file, (which can be remotely uploaded) saving generations of detail-robbing negatives and printing plates used with traditional litho printing.



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