Recent Honors

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Circle Foundation for the Arts

During 2019 and the beginning of 2020, Victor received a number of distinct and very special honors.  Some have been shared on his FaceBook page, but some have not been shared  altogether.  These are now incorporated into an updated version of Victor's Resume, Etc. page.


To begin 2019, Victor  was asked to participate in the public art project, Javelinas de Tubac , which is detailed on its own page on this website.

Then, VSR was asked to participate in a website for artists called Artavita.  He currently has 5 images in his online portfolio with this site and a short artist statement.  This website and their sponsors have many different opportunities for artists that he looks forward to taking part in.

In spring 2019, Victor's work was juried into an international website for artists, Circle Foundation for the Arts.  He was one of their Featured Artists.  The Circle Foundation also has a video presentation called "Profiles in Contemporary Art: Discover Remarkable Art" that includes Victor's art.  See below:
















Victor's work was also published in Circle Foundation for the Arts Spotlight Magazine, Issue 15 (page 84).  The magazine, available both online and in high quality print, includes a unique selection of artists from around the world working in variety of media and curated together to tell the story of what art look likes today.  The best view of this is to click on the brackets in the lower right for full screen.

The painting , Monsoon Sunset Over the Tianzi Mountains, is on page 102 in the Circle Quarterly Art Review, Fall 2019, published by the Circle Foundation for the Arts.  See below.  The best view of this is to click on the brackets in the lower right for full screen.


Artist of the Year Competition

January 2020

Circle Foundation for the Arts

CFA-ArtistoftheYear - Honorable Mention

I have been blessed! Thank you!