Paintings in Progress (continued)

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The Sin Eater
7/21/2017 beginning of painting
The Sin Eater, 11/2017 completed
48" x 60", Acrylic on Canvas
Original Painting NFS 
In Collection of the Artist
Giclée Prints Available
The Sin Eater Progression
Navajo Land
Boot Canyon, Arizona
Navajo Land, 2015
size, Acrylic on Canvas
Original Painting NFS
Giclée Prints Available
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Boot Canyon, Arizona, 1/2018 Unfinished 

size???, Acrylic on Canvas

This canvas was first archived in May 2015 (see image above dated 5/25/15) and is called Navajo LandGiclées are available of this image.  Navajo Land showed briefly at a gallery in Tubac, then came back to our home.  


After living with it for awhile and knowing that it had been archived and giclée prints could be made, Victor wanted to explore the landscape more, so the canvas went back to the studio where he continues to work on it.  Above are 2 images (10/1/17 and 1/30/18) showing the direction it has taken since the first archive.  The name is now Boot Canyon, Arizona


Sometimes a painting will be archived more than once.  In that case we will have 2 finished paintings from 1 canvas; one will be available as an original with giclée prints, and one available only as a giclée

Yeshua or Jesus at the Swap Meet
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Yeshua Study 1 or Jesus at the Swap Meet, 2018

26" x 34", Acrylic on Canvas

Original Available

Giclée  Prints Available

This study of Yeshua was started in July 2017 and completed in January 2018.    It is how VSR envisions Yashua looks walking among us today.