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The Mind of the Horse


    "The Mind of the Horse" is a pencil drawing that captures the essence of a horse's expression providing a glimpse into the horse's thoughts and emotions. The drawing combines the grace and strength of this majestic creature with a profound sense of introspection and playfulness, inviting viewers into the horse's inner world.  Shading and texture create a lifelike representation of the horse, while the expressive eyes convey a sense of intelligence, wisdom, spirit, and curiosity. The horse's ears are finely detailed, poised to catch even the faintest sound, highlighting its keen awareness of its surroundings.

  • Original

    This Victor Steven Rosenberg original is now available for $1,300.00.  It is 18" x 24", graphite on paper, unframed. 


    Add this to your collection today!

  • Limited Edition Prints

    Signed, limited edition giclée prints are available here.

  • Unsigned Prints and Other Items

    This image is also available on unsigned prints and other items, such as coffee cups and pillows, here.  

  • Contact

    If you have any questions, please email or call +1 (520) 399-1009 (landline).  I am here to help.


    Book an online ZOOM meeting with me to explore my collection of original paintings and limited edition prints. During our meeting, I will take the time to get to know you and your needs, and help you find the perfect artwork for your home or office. I look forward to helping you bring life to your walls with my unique paintings.

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