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Painted Furniture and Wabi Sabi Pieces

Examples of Painted Furniture

Below are examples of painted surfaces on wooden furniture.

Similar pieces can be commissioned. 

Please contact VSR to discuss what you want done and pricing.

Bookcase, 2014
In Artist's Collection
A facelift for an old bookcase.

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Examples of Wabi Sabi Art

Wabi Sabi Wall

Wabi Sabi Wall

Bins of materials for making art!

The Crux, 2008

The Crux, 2008, Wabi Sabi/Mixed Media Art

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The Crux, 2008

Mixed Media, 24" x 70"


In Artist's Collection

Similar Piece May Be Commissioned

Examples of Wabi Sabi Tables

Fong's Table, 2009

Mixed Media: wood, metal plates, chain

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Fong's Table 2009
Fong's Table (2009)
Fong's Table (2009)

Table Top, 2009

Mixed Media: wood, tiles, ocotillo, metal

Nail & Glue Table, 2009

Mixed Media: wood, tiles, metal

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Nail & Glue Table (2009)
Examples of Other
Wabi Sabi Pieces
White Buffalo, Wall Hanging
Unfinished 2018
Mixed Media: desert driftwood, piece of jaw bone from cow skull, carnelian, turquoise, acrylic paint
White Buffalo, 2018 Unfinished, Wall Hanging from Found Objects
Home Address Sign, 2005

House Address Sign, 2005


Mixed Media: piece of tractor found in the desert, numbered tiles

Similar Piece May Be Commissioned.

Worship Cross, 2018 Unfinished

Mixed Media: wood, spikes, acrylic paint, rope, barbed wire, palm branches

Worship Cross, 2018 Unfinished
Samurai Warrior, 2018 Unfinished

Samurai Warrior

2018 Unfinished

Mixed Media:  wood, knuckle bone, marble, leather, acrylic paint

For similar Wabi Sabi pieces, please


 contact us about availability and pricing.

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