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The Process of VSR's Art

Works Finished and Unfinished

 Art, any art, whether painting, sculpture, drawing, Wabi Sabi pieces, is a process.  As Victor's wife, I have always been fascinated by the process that each piece of his art goes through before he considers it finished.  Many times a piece will go through major changes from beginning to end as he explores his subject matter.  At times imagery from a ride we went on, colors we have seen in nature,  or an experience we have had will suddenly appear in a piece.  When I started building this website, my intent was to mainly focus on his process because I wanted others to witness it, too.  But as you can see the site has evolved to include so much more. 


In this section, though, you will see the process some of his pieces go through.  I take photos of his work after most of his painting sessions, then he chooses the images to share with you that show the major steps he has taken to arrive at the completed art.  Just know that for many pieces there are many more steps in between than we are showing here.  On the next pages you will find the process for pieces (paintings, drawings, and Wabi Sabi art) that are:  

1.  complete and archived (meaning original painting can be sold and giclees can be made), or

2. complete but not archived, or

3. not finished and still in process.

The Prophet, 2016 Archived
36" x 48", acrylic on canvas
ORIGINAL Painting Available
Giclée Prints Available
Sun Dancers, Unfinished
30" x 18", Acrylic on Canvas
Worship Cross, 2017
76" x 128" x 4", Mixed Media
ORIGINAL in Artist's Collection, NFS
Similar Crosses Can be Special Ordered
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