Artist as Explorer

St. Francis

By: A. Steeby, Arizona Collector’s Guide 2007-2008

Every one of Victor Stevens’ paintings is a journey, and not even the artist himself knows where each expedition will end. “Every artist must have an over-arching reason to paint,” Victor declares passionately. “For me, the reason I paint is to discover.” Victor’s process often allows compositions to develop organically without initial sketches. Each canvas becomes the painting it should be, without following a micro-managed master plan. With St. Francis (pictured), Victor had no idea what expression would end up on the saint’s face. He let the nature of the image reveal itself. “It is more challenging and gratifying, to explore without a map,” Victor explains. Shaping and molding the canvas, conducting an orchestra of different colors and brushes; discovering substance, ignoring the arbitrary, Victor forges within plasticity until something ‘magical’ happens, a completed work of art. Victor is the ‘real thing’, and all the more rare because he remains an explorer through his work; every canvas is a means to chart a new course. “In my 40 years as an artist, I have rarely repeated myself with my artwork. I love the act of continuous discovery through my art.” Victor’s work has won awards in various juried competitions including “Best of Show” and he has had numerous one man shows. His painterly explorations can be found in private and public collections worldwide. Universal in scope with a southwest flavor due to the power of his environment, Victor’s art ranges from landscapes to shamanic figures in originals and limited edition giclee prints. Victor’s relationship with the Sonoran Desert doesn’t engulf his art, but instead subtlety supports his vision.

A studio showing finished art works and works in progress for the discerning collector. The studio is open by appointment only. An eclectic range of work from light filled landscapes to in depth psychological/spirit-filled paintings of the human condition done in Victor Stevens’ unique and individual style.

“The images of your artistic brethren’s [work in Tubac] were great though you seem to be the one real original.” Drury Pifer, Novelist and Playwright

“Victor’s paintings are stunning- from Deer Dancer 1 to Santa Rita morning. His paintings are intriguing, original and compelling.” Ellen Pifer, Ph.D., professor

“With a minimum of paint his work speaks volumes to the human condition. Every time I view Victor’s work, I always see something new. Victor’s work engages the viewer into new vistas of is-ness. He is a true art master in the grand tradition, in a contemporary sea of decorative art. His work contains depth and discovery, nature reinvented, with the authenticity of a unique and rare reality coupled with a perceptive vision. Victor’s art is beauty that speaks to truth. His work is incomparable.” Susanne Reed, Ph.D., researcher and professor